Gurdwara Bara Sikh Sangat

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Gurdwara Bara Sikh Sangat Kolkata is of great historic importance. As guru Nanak Dev Ji during continuation of his first journey (Udasi) of east preaching peace, brotherhood and humanity to mankind visited this place on 2nd January,1510.

During the time of his visit the entire area was under epidemic and people were suffering. They were cured by the divine healing powers of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and He established Guru ki Sangat (Devotees) at this holy place and He recited the Gurbani Shabad "Chanchal Chit Na pave pare Aavat jaat naa lagey Baara." (Sri Guru Granth Sahib page 1189). Guru Ji stayed here for 12 days.

After Guru Nanak Dev ji, Guru Bahadar Sahib Ji on his returen journey from Assam visited this place in April 1668 and recited Gurbani Shabad “ Har ki gat nah koi jaane” (Sri Guru Granth sahib page 537) and instructed the established Guru ki Sangat to continue religious programmes and hold diwans(congregations)on regular basis and 24 hrs Guru ka langar.

This historical place is blessed by Two Sikh Guru Sahib Ji.

Any person who visits this Gurdwara Sahib with devetion and attends religious diwans will be blessed and his wishes will be fulfilled.